Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Looking Within


Your day is busy, full of activity.  You move from one to the next on autopilot, ticking off your to do list and meeting targets.  All of a sudden a particular experience emerges and you pause momentarily, thinking "How do I really feel about that?".  In your mind you decide that you will stop to think about it later on, before you go to bed.  The evening arrives, you finish your day and find that you are much too tired to think at all. Sound familiar?
Creating the space in your life to go within and to deeply understand yourself is vital if you wish to live your full potential and experience your truth.  We develop self knowledge through the observation of our actions and reactions.  This knowledge then advises our future choices and actions, so that we don't have to repeat the same old experiences but can move on to the higher experiences of life.
Journaling can be a great way to reflect on what is going on within.  We can use them to record our observations of the mind and body, our desires, our reactions and emotions and then by re-reading, see ourselves more clearly.
The best way to practice Swadhyaya is to STAY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!  There is a part of your mind that you can step into and remain still, watching the drama of life play out on the stage before you.  Watch yourself move through the activities of the day.  Observe your behaviour as though you are David Attenborough creating a doco!  Then with this deeper understanding, decide whether you are acting from your higher self or whether you are acting from autopilot.  If you are truly acting from your higher self you will feel fullfilled, content and blissfull, no matter what dramas unfold before you.
Make this a daily practice, and experience the benefits of self understanding.

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