Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Future

A recent conversation with my 10 year old daughter inspired one of those "aha!" moments.  Watching an animated film which depicted an Armageddon style future, where machines ruled the desolate reamins of the earth, she said "Mum, I'm really worried about the future.  What will it be like?"

I told her that all the people who are children now will one day be in control of the world, and that it would be whatever they made it.

But this conversation made me realize something so much more important.  If we keep suggesting to our kids that the world will be ruined, the environment ruined, the planet used up, then this is the picture that they will create in their minds.  On the contrary, if we present a positive veiw of genuine hope for the future, will they create a more positive image in their minds?

This moment made me so much more determined to lead by example, and teach my children to love, care and hope for the world and each other.

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